Thenor Law provides a diverse range of immigration legal support to employers, employees, individuals and families all around the world. Immigration matters are perplexing and can have a serious impact if not handled with competence and solicitude. You need an attorney with competence to handle your immigration matters.

As immigration issues are governed by federal law, Thenor Law is able to provide services to individuals in different states and countries.

Thenor Law is available to provide the following services to you and your love ones:

AsylumAssistance for people who can’t return to their country because of persecution such as political refugees
Work VisaAssistance applying for a visa for temporary employment
CitizenshipAssistance becoming a citizen of a country
Investment VisaAssistance applying for a visa for foreign investors and entrepreneur
DeportationAssistance for an individual who is in the process of being removed from a country
Family Based ImmigrationAssistance with immigration for immediate relatives and family such as spouses, children, and parents
Green CardAssistance becoming a lawful permanent resident with the right to live and work in a country often due to family or work
Student VisaAssistance applying for a visa for international students while they attend qualified educational institutions
Other ServicesFreedom of information act request, alien change of address card, application to replace permanent visa, TPS application, etc.